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Building a $1B Service Firm.

A leading industry commodity provider in workplace solutions approached RIDG in 2018 for support on uncovering an opportunity for market leadership.

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Uncovering $65M of economic impact.

A leading employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company asked RIDG to help them drive $20M in revenue creation or cost savings within one business division.

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"I go to RIDG when I know I have to approach a project in a whole new way, a way that hasn’t been done before. They probe, nurture, energize, infuse and shift our thinking to bring about an amazing new view on perspective. This innovation consistently resonates at a deeper level with clients and provides a unique competitive advantage for my organization."


Leslie H. Executive 
at Healthcare Innovation Services Firm.

Pathway to success in 90 days.

RIDG helped draft a growth blueprint for the Company that created a new identity for the new business model. RIDG also supported the Company as it developed a method for creating deep trust with clients and helped the Company develop its brand identity and story to be presented to new markets and future acquisitions

Watch RIDG Chief Innovation Officer, Michelle Royal, discuss uncovering opportunities in new markets.

Proven ROI in the first year.

RIDG worked with the firm to develop company-wide growth alignment and a scalable innovation business model that increased the firm's revenue in an expanded market.

Watch RIDG Chief Innovation Officer, Michelle Royal, discuss the ROI of innovation.

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