We practice the art and science of growth.

We get it.

Innovation is more than just coming up with new ideas. Today’s leaders carry the responsibility to grow their business in a world of constant disruption.
RIDG’s mission is to provide them with the expertise and tools they need to supercharge innovation efforts for maximum profitability.
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Our Values


We believe in the power of human potential.

Humans are natural innovators who are capable of solving your company’s and the world’s problems, they just need the tools to do it.


We are outcome obsessed.

We always embark on a journey with a destination in mind. We focus on desired results and constantly seek new ways to cultivate value and profitability for our clients.


We walk our talk.

We lead with authenticity and transparency by growing our company using the same tools and frameworks we recommend to our clients.


We are lifelong learners.

We strive to learn something new every day. We embrace the unknown and stay curious in our pursuit to continuously inspire ourselves and our clients.


We build meaningful relationships.

Our “Yes... And...” nature is fueled by co-creation. We develop long-lasting relationships as a team and with our clients to build a world of better innovators.


We take fun seriously.

We get stuff done and have fun doing it. We infuse joy into hard work and create unforgettable moments along the way.

How We Work

Skyrocketing your business isn’t rocket science. Even in a virtual world, our methodology leads to real measurable results including:
  • Company-wide alignment on plans for financial growth.
  • Scalable business ideas that generate more than 25 percent new revenue in the first year.
  • Outcome-driven innovation plans that turn your teams into opportunity-seeking machines generating multi-million-dollar returns.

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Explore Our Work

Our clients are experts in their work. 

We help them prioritize efforts, prove results, and create scalable solutions that generate new profit for their business.

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Meet the Team


Michelle Royal

Chief Innovation Officer

Michelle is an innovation expert with over twenty years of experience. She develops tools and frameworks for global enterprise clients to help them identify and implement ideas yielding multi-million dollar returns. She founded RIDG in 2013 to help companies address the critical levers for innovation success.


Ben Blackman

Director of Development

Ben's mission is to build better innovators by developing strong relationships with financial executives, innovation leaders, and operations directors at mid-size and large enterprise companies around the world.