Uncovering $65M of economic impact.

RIDG was able help a leading employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company set ambitious yet achievable goals, create a process for validating and proving ideas that exceeded their initial goal and identified $65M in cost reduction over five years through implementing one game changing idea.
  • Prioritized three key objectives out of 100+ interviews from key stakeholders.
  • Exceeded goal of generating $20M in five years by identifying $65M of economy impact in five years.
  • Received 100x return on investment in RIDG partnership.

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interviews condensed into 3 key iniatitives.


of economic impact identified.


return on investment in RIDG partnership.

Finding $45M additional revenue opportunity through innovation.

Over the course of 1.5 years, RIDG helped the Company executives and leaders align on an innovation strategy for establishing goals, process, and delivery while developing a repeatable vetting process for emergent technologies, including vendors and experts. This strategic focus helped the company exceed their goal of generating $20M in five years, getting 4x return on their goal.

Watch RIDG Chief Innovation Officer, Michelle Royal, discuss exceeding goals and uncovering revenue.



Our BI+LD methodology generates innovation-driven results:

  • Increased revenue and value of services.
  • Strong team security and confidence.
  • Expansion of market share.
  • ROI in the first six months.

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