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Outcome-driven Innovation vs. Innovation Theater

How RIDG's BI+LD methodology prepares companies for disruption.

Business Innovation Starts With Communication.

How clear your organization communicates will define whether you achieve your innovation goals or...

Why Return on Innovation?

You need to speak “finance” to sustain your innovation efforts over the long term.

Press Release: RIDG Launches a Three-Part Return on Innovation Webinar Series

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA (March 1, 2021) --  RIDG, the innovation group helping enterprise organizations...

Episode 41: Re-Injecting Cash Into Your Business with Powers Kane, Chief Revenue Officer, RecoupeTax

Tune in to our latest episode featuring Powers Kane, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at...

Episode 40: Enterprise Resource Planning with Chris Milan, VP of Sales, NexTec Group

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Business Acquisitions are Accelerating the Future of Work

What Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack means for innovation in workforce enablement. 

Chief Innovation Officers Need to Pivot for Disruptive Innovation

Forrester released a new report on value orchestration and the future of work for CINOs.

How to Unlock Your Team’s Innovation Potential

Common misconceptions about business innovation prevent your business from building for the future.