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Episode 31: Redefining The Clinician Experience with Mo Kasti, Founder and CEO, CTI Leadership

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Tune in to our latest episode featuring CTI Leadership Founder and CEO, Mo Kasti, where we’ll discuss the various ways in which clinical leaders can elevate their thinking in times of transformation and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities. 

Here are five things we learned from this week’s episode:

1. Leadership is all about practice.

Mo and his team at CTI support medical providers with coaching and quality healthcare education in a way that fits their schedule. This allows providers to practice what they are learning in real-time and learn collectively with their team of practitioners to work better together and provide a more efficient experience to their patients. CTI’s clients are able to not only take part in professional development both online and in-person but learn more efficiently through micro-learning lessons on their own time.

2. 2020 accelerated the delayed adoption of telemedicine.

The pandemic shed light on some significant weakness within healthcare systems. One of those weaknesses was the slow adoption of telehealth. Before the pandemic, many providers chose not to incorporate telemedicine into their practice even though the functionality would allow patients to get medical attention via video chat. Today, this function is incredibly helpful in reducing in-person visits and allows patients to safely receive care, something that could have been implemented much sooner in preparation for a future pandemic.

3. Do the right thing when possible.

Many organizations, particularly in the healthcare industry, often focus on profitability or metrics when it comes to implementing new innovations that could allow them to provide better care or service. While that’s important, many organizations tend to lose sight of what their customers need in the moment. To support the essential need for quality healthcare especially this year, CTI offered free coaching to healthcare providers, simply because it was the right thing to do. By doing so, they were able to support their customers and potentially save lives.

4. Online functionality is essential in today's world of work.

At the start of the year, CTI became a fully remote workforce and began implementing more of their educational resources online. They were not aware of the pandemic just yet, however, they started to see how offering better online and mobile functionality would make their resources more accessible to busy healthcare professionals. Once the pandemic hit, CTI was already well into their digital journey so the pivot to a fully digital offering was not as significant for them as it was for some organizations. By staying connected with their customers and focusing on customer experience, CTI was better prepared to deal with the disruption that most organizations felt this year.

5. Whatever happens in society also happens inside the hospital.

Mo and his team at CTI focused significantly on diversity and inclusion this year as did much of the rest of the world. Mo says his team works with medical professionals to start conversations around diversity and how they can develop an environment of inclusivity within medical organizations. By allowing people the opportunity to have human conversations about diversity, CTI is helping facilitate better connections within organizations which leads not only leads to better work environments, but most importantly, better healthcare. 

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