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Episode 28: “The Future of Work” with Michelle Royal, Chief Innovation Officer, RIDG

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Tune in to our latest episode featuring Michelle Royal, Chief Innovation Officer at RIDG, where we discuss how she envisions the future of work, the secrets behind designing profitable service experiences and even a little bit about “Biohacking.”

Here are five things we learned from this week’s episode:

1. Self care at work is top-of-mind for executives.

After almost a year of disruption due to the pandemic, businesses are eagerly planning for 2021 and focusing on the reality of the world today. For many companies, that means supporting employees as they continue to work remotely. The pandemic not only expanded remote work across various industries, but also created new challenges for those taking care of children, partners, and family members while continuing to produce work. 

“It’s about this balance of mental, emotional and physical health in addition to completion of the work itself,” Michelle says. “Self-care and work-care are becoming one and it’s about learning how to manage oneself in addition to the management of the work and the external experience your clients are having.”

2. The biggest mistake companies make is assuming business is as usual.

Work has changed for everyone, regardless of whether you’re working remotely or working in the field. “You are being impacted by this invisible force,” she says. “Strategic leaders are now considering, overall, what this means for business.” Preparing for change is essential in the future state of work. 

3. Robots will not take over the workforce.

We still need people to run businesses face-to-face. “We still need service workers, nurses, and doctors,” Michelle says. “Not all work can be virtual and collaborative.” AI, technology, and automation can support and enable stronger human connection, but it cannot replace it. Humans are capable of developing new ideas and systems that will drive change in an organization, machines are not.

4. Connection within a company is essential to providing great service experience.

Simply put, if a company’s internal stakeholders are on the same page, they are able to provide their customers with a better experience. “We need to look at where a company came from and its origins,” Michelle says. “And at the end of the day it’s about humans working together to survive and nourish each other and others.” 

5. Biohacking will become a hot topic within corporate innovation.

RIDG uses tools and frameworks to help clients achieve success together, whether it’s meeting financial goals or deepening relationships within a team. And while it can sometimes feel like magic, there is a clear science behind how people tap into new ideas and states of mind that can help them become more productive and innovative. Athletic teams have been doing this type of biohacking for years and it’s something Michelle believes corporations will begin to explore as well in the near future. 

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