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Episode 39: A Brand New RIDG with Michelle Royal, Chief Innovation Officer, RIDG

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Tune in to our latest episode featuring Michelle Royal, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of RIDG. We’ll be reviewing updated RIDG branding, a revamped website and discuss some big areas of focus for 2021. This video series focuses on how companies innovate, strategically plan for the future, and create a strong culture for their employees.

Here are five things we learned from this week’s episode:

1. You don't know what you don't know.

The pandemic affected not only the way RIDG did business, but the way clients see innovation. Michelle describes how word of mouth was a big business generator for the innovation firm and how a virtual workforce created less of those promotional opportunities in 2020. Bringing on RIDG’s marketing strategist, Regina Rayan, also offered Michelle and leadership a fresh perspective on the business and overall brand. Regina was able to uncover gaps in the brand and shed light on how clients currently see RIDG and its business strategy.

2. Rebrands can happen entirely virtually.

The RIDG team worked entirely virtually to redefine RIDG. This involved many brainstorms over Zoom around the messaging and specific language about what we do. Together, the team was able to come up with a clear vision, mission, and what the world looks like when success is achieved which you can find on our website. To bring the visual brand to life, RIDG’s visual strategist, Sarah Page, developed prototypes using virtual tools like MURAL to develop design concepts to share with the team. The experience was incredibly collaborative and engaging despite working entirely remotely.

3. Innovation helps humanity thrive.


Michelle says the pandemic really showcased the value innovation can bring and how it changes in a virtual environment. Some may think innovation focuses on creative ideas, technology, or robotics. In reality, it’s a people-driven concept and brings new value to the market based on human needs. This allowed RIDG to focus on people first and helping their businesses grow.

4. We're natural problem solvers from the day we're born.

Michelle believes every human is capable of innovating, they just need the tools to do it. RIDG focuses on helping teams tap into that human potential to build the innovation power station of a company that will serve clients better and inevitably generates profits

5. Simply put, innovation helps businesses grow.

Sometimes when people think of innovation or design thinking they think of creativity or an artistic process. In reality, outcome-driven innovation focuses on results and how ideas are going to grow and drive business.

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