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Episode 30: “Digital Transformation” with James Olson, Former SVP AgileThought

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Tune in to our latest episode featuring former AgileThought Senior Vice President, James Olson, where we’ll discuss the importance of digital transformation in accelerating innovation. 

Here are five things we learned from this week’s episode:

1. Digital transformation allows companies to work more efficiently. 

During his time with numerous consulting firms, James was able to experience various project developments in which consulting companies worked independently from organizations that were creating technical solutions. He found that when companies are able to use strategic consulting thinking and incorporate that into a technical solution simultaneously, the ability to deliver value to clients grows exponentially. This digital transformation not only speeds up time to market, but also allows teams to stay closer to a project instead of becoming siloed and disconnected.

2. Design thinking can be used to build innovative teams.

As SVP at AgileThought, James had the opportunity to work with RIDG to implement new corporate strategy solutions and ways of working across teams by using design thinking. “We worked with [RIDG] to break down communication barriers by getting input from customers at the executive level as well as staff,” James says. “RIDG’s approach was very engaging and allowed people, very quickly, to feel a part of the solution and contribute on day one.” The team was able to connect all points of view to uncover solutions as well as new ideas of ways of working to implement immediately in their business planning.

3. The greatest opportunity to implement blockchain innovation lies in the food industry. 

As an advisor to Blockspaces, a Tampa-based blockchain accelerator, James believes agriculture and food corporations are critical to implementing blockchain across other business sectors. Blockchain allows companies to decentralize their data and payment systems, allowing more transparency in transactions. In the food industry, an innovation like blockchain offers companies the ability to track shipments and issue recalls when necessary as the product transactions are able to be tracked from farm to table.

4. Large corporations need to connect all their vendors in order for blockchain to work.

It’s not enough for F500 corporations like Walmart and Home Depot to implement blockchain with their customers, their vendors need to implement the innovation as well as part of their corporate strategy. By connecting to blockchain networks, companies are able to alleviate the pain of not having a sophisticated IT capability and make their transactions more efficient with minimum effort.

5. 2020 brought customer experience gaps to light

Companies that avoided improving their customer experience were forced to fill in significant gaps in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic caused companies to critically think about the end-to-end journey for not only their customers but their employees. Many businesses began to ask questions around how their customers learn about their service, how easy the buying journey is, and which steps they need to take to manage and maintain their business.

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